Yoga Retreats

A selection of yoga retreats in the world's most beautiful locations

1. Vinyasa Yoga Flows Retreat

22 - 29 Sep 2020
Mykonos Retreat with Teo Chapelier

Our Los Angeles based expert Teo Chapelier would like to take you on a journey of self transformation through yoga. Are you ready? 6 nights, 6 days of daily self-transforming Vinyasa Yoga flows in luxury villa accommodation with stunning views and Mykonos sunshine!.

Get the best all round experience of Mykonos with us on this special 6 nights 6 days yoga and socialising retreat. There will be 1 hour yoga flow sessions in the mornings to start the day right followed by healthy, energizing breakfast. 

2. Box Mind Yoga Retreat

24 - 28 Sep 2020
Mykonos Retreat with Sarah Picken-Brown

Sara's diverse experience of discipline, mental resilience, focus and 'never quit' attitude has been the foundational principles of her teaching. The training sessions include Meditation, Yoga, Pilates and Barre, as these are the complimentary mental and physical platforms that make these philosophies accessible to all.

Sara is a head coach for TheBoxmind and integral to the creation of all their Wellness programs in Yoga, Meditation and Barre/Pilates Corporate services.

3. Art Therapy & Yoga Retreat

24 - 28 Sep 2020
Mykonos Retreat with Barbsie Art

A 5 day luxury villa retreat. Art-making combined with yoga and aromatherapy and music - a multi-sensory experience with London artist Barbsie combined with ypga sessions from the BoxMind yoga retreat with all round fitness and mindulness expert Sara Picken-Brown, suitable for all levels

4. VOGA - find strength within yoga

24 - 28 Sep 2020
Beach yoga.png
Mykonos Retreat with Juliet Murrell

A 5 day luxury villa retreat. 5 days of expertly guided yoga, deepening your yoga foundations. suitable for beginners and advanced learners alike.

"Having known first-hand how it feels to experience depleted energy levels with post-viral chronique fatigue in my teens, Juliet's main priority since has been to cultivate energy and help others prioritise happiness, health and wellbeing. She created VOGA after the illuminating moment that life can be everything you want it to be. Free your mind, combine your passions."

5. Self-Care Island Retreat

22 - 27 Sep 2020

This retreat will take place on the beautiful island of Mykonos, in one of our stunning hilltop luxury villas.


The training will be provided by Liz and Emilie, both highly accomplished yoga, therapy and wellness and teachers. There will be daily yoga training, self development and manifestation workshops and breakfast and lunch will be prepared daily by our chef

6. Power Yoga Retreat

24 - 28 Sep 2020

This retreat will take place on the beautiful island of Mykonos, in one of our stunning hilltop luxury villas.

Yoga Instructor Jackie Ngu (@jackies_yoga) takes you on a retreat unlike any you've ever been on! Exciting, adventurous and different, this retreat is for those who like to push the boundaries and look for variety in their Yoga Practice

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