Iva Emilova

Meditation (Buddhist)

Shamatha or Samatha is a buddhist meditation, coming from Zen Buddhism and Buddha Dharma teachings.
Shamatha translates as 'calm abidence' and 'stopping/being still'.
In Shamatha, we focus on the breath, breath is your anchor; we are aiming to stay present, in the moment. Turning inwards to explore and observe what is happening within us and what might come up for us in the moment. No judgement or analysing, just being with your breath and holdinig whatever arises with tenderness and compassion.

Iva is a London based yoga, mindfulness and meditation teacher.
She studied yoga in India and teaches in a way that is respectful, honouring her teachers lineages.
As a long time yogi and meditator herself, Iva beliefs in the self-healing powers of yoga & mindfulness. Her style of teaching is nurturing, grounded and creative. She sees yoga and mindfulness as a way of life. Her intention is to lead people towards a humbling, compassionate practice that can unify body, mind & spirit, and encourage self study and exploration.

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