Bonnie Boyda

Meditation (relaxation)

Join Bonnie as she leads you through a Mental Rehearsal Guided Meditation. All of your senses will become engaged through this relaxation practice, which is one used by top athletes. This session is all about manifesting goals, gaining clarity, and bringing success and happiness into your life. This session will be incredibly valuable for anyone who is feeling a bit lost, down, unmotivated, or uncertain during difficult times. Mental Rehearsal is a common practice among athletes. Athletes will visualize events in their minds as if they were actually competing. They break events down into small components and go through the processes of how they can win, over and over again, until the events seem intuitively natural with little, if any, need for conscious thought. Research shows that mental practices are almost as effective as physical practices. The main focus of this session will be about bringing pleasure back into our lives. Why? Because we tend to do what feels most pleasurable to us. The mental rehearsal helps to overcome whatever resistance you have been feeling. As well, it links pleasure in the brain to healthy behaviours and away from unhealthy behaviours. You will leave the session feeling calm, clear, and energized. It will help you feel your best, reducing any stress you have been feeling and increasing your confidence in yourself. If you are tired of following the same old patterns that are not working for you anymore and are ready to open your mind up to new possibilities and experiences, then this Mental Rehearsal Guided Meditation is for you!

Bonnie is a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach who has helped clients all over the world change their lives by changing their habits. Originally from Canada, she has travelled around the world, has been to 38 countries, and has now settled in the United Kingdom. These real-world life experiences have given Bonnie broad insight into human behaviour and the human condition. Bonnie has been a coach for two years and has worked in the fitness and health industries for eleven years. Her main coaching principles focus around image, mindset, and relationships. She helps you create your ideal image through intuitive eating and healthy lifestyle changes. There are no intense diet plans; Bonnie wants you to be able to create healthy habits that will last you for life! She believes that the most important element of any program is creating a positive mindset. Mindset is the key to your success in achieving your goals. Ultimately, Bonnie wants to help you build a positive relationship with yourself, so that you can then be successful in any, and all, of the relationships in your life. Bonnie�s passion for helping others radiates from her and her clients rave about the positive energy she exudes, helping you take each step towards a better life. As quoted from one of her clients, Mery, �She believes in you, even when you do not believe in yourself�.

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