Maria Markovicova

Fitness (full body)

Get ready for a full body challenging workout that you can do anywhere, at home, in your living room, in your garage, balcony or a garden.

I guarantee you will sweat, and leave the workout feeling great and satisfied. All you need is you, your energy, mat, water and a towel.

Together, we can create your happiest and healthiest life. See you soon!

My name is Maria and I have lived in Dubai for over 10 years. I am a fitness enthusiast. I have always been very active and played different sports as often as possible. Working out makes me feel happy, healthy, strong and confident.
I lead healthy and active lifestyle.�I have a huge passion for health & fitness and I want to share it with you. My workouts are FUNctional and a good mix of strength training (bodyweight / calisthenics and free weights) and cardio.
I grew up in Slovakia leading naturally sporty lifestyle; that we don�t do in Dubai. I played different sports � mostly outdoors, walking, hiking, cycling and hockey. I also did judo and athletics at school. In general people are naturally more active in my home country compared to Dubai.
It�s the small things that lead to big changes. Walking � how many steps do you take each day in Dubai? I aim for 10000 a day every day.

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