South Africa

Lexi Bosman - MYUTOPIA

Yoga (weights)

Let's sweat it out! Join Lexi for 30 minutes of yoga-based high intensity to get the juices pumping and the feel-good hormones flowin'!
This sculpt class will include weights, shapes that will challenge your body (but can be done by everyone!) and a cardio burst or two.
This class will leave you refreshed, revitalized and in the zone. Allow your breath to dictate your pace, remember this is your happy place! Equipment Required: Weights or anything in the home that you can use to substitute.

Lexi has been passionate with various forms of movement from a young age. Lexi found and fell in love with yoga at the age of 20 after suffering a fractured femur. She became fascinated with the ancient tradition because of its healing properties which proved to be not only physical but mental, emotional and deeply spiritual. Lexi's deep love for yoga and movement shines into all her classes, and her ultimate goal is helping people achieve inner peace and strength both on and off the mat.

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