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Social Activities

Luxury wellness trips for a healthier, better you

Our retreats are different because they emphasize socialising as an important part of wellness. They are carefully designed to enable anyone, regardless of their fitness or mindfulness level, to enjoy the full benefits of a wellness retreat. We therefore have multiple activities on every retreat tapping into the culture and beauty of every lcoation we use.



We want you to have not just good, but great memories to share on your return. Click here to check out or past retreats videos.

Our hosts make sure there is something special about every activity. In Cape Town, we enjoyed painting, unparalleled wine tasting, wine making and hill climbing. In Mykonos, we enjoyed long hikes, sailing and sunset BBQs. In Barbados, we enjoyed snorkelling, diving and rum tasting. We also use our wide range of contacts to ensure our guests can visit all the hidden gems in every town we visit.


If you have any questions about our workshops and activities, click here to see how it all works, or contact us directly by email on or WhatsApp: +44 (0) 7835 854265

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