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Self Improvement

Luxury wellness trips for a healthier, better you

Aside from our world class, carefully vetted fitness and wellness trainers, we also feature expert coaching and workshops in self motivation, planning, self improvement, inspiration and much more. For example, on our 2020 Cape Town retreat in Camps Bay, artist Barbsie from Moscow taught art therapy workshops on the beauitful villa lawns overlooking the sea. Each guest created their own unique work of art that helped them understand their emotions, character and outlook on life better. 


We strive to help you get the most out of your time away by learning to become the better version of yourself. the social aspect of our retreats is one of the main keys to self-growth. Our carefully designed icebreaker evenings from the very first night help you to connect with other guests so you can learn from each other just as you're learning from our experts. From every retreat, our guests come back with new friends, and they keep in touch! 


If you have any questions about our workshops and activities, click here to see how it all works, or contact us directly by email on or WhatsApp: +44 (0) 7835 854265

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