Run Away With the Circus

Aerial Yoga Retreat 
with Ophelie Griffond
21 - 25 May 2020
Get ready to feel uplifted and transformed
Villa  .  Trainer 

Aerial fitness expert Ophelie Griffond takes you on a retreat unlike any you've ever been on! Exciting, adventurous and different, this retreat is for those who like to push the boundaries!


Led with a vibrant, festive, socialising atmosphere, this retreat challenges you physically every morning and brings you back mentally every evening with fun, laughter, exploration and socialising. Circus arts builds very strong relationships with people as we encourage everyone to help each other on their journey, keep each other safe and laugh together as we learn. Whether ground or air-based, all levels are welcome.



  • Arrival

  • Vision and goal setting talk (1h): set yourself for success with the ultimate goal and mindset tools that Ophelie uses with her clients.

  • Stretch and flow class (45min): a small flow to loosen up those bodies from the journey.


  • Morning class (1h):Pilates for Circus strength: A power Pilates class to build your strength for circus skills including challenging core drills and shoulder stability exercises.

  • Mini group aerial hoop class: 3-4 people  (1h):

  • Afternoon (30min): Rehab clinic: learn tips on how to recover well and prevent injuries with SMR (Self Myofascial Release).


  • Morning class (1h): Inversions and hand balances: Learn how to go upside down with a series of mobility flows, conditioning exercises and partner work.

  • Mini group aerial hoop class: 3-4 people  (1h)

  • Afternoon (30min): Rehab clinic: learn tips on how to recover well and prevent injuries with SMR (Self Myofascial Release).



  • Morning class (1h): Contortion flow: master your backbends and splits with a flow designed to help with improving your range of motion and focus on end range conditioning for strong joints.

  • Mini group aerial hoop class: 3-4 people (1h)

  • Afternoon (30min): Rehab clinic: learn tips on how to recover well and prevent injuries with SMR (Self Myofascial Release).



  • Morning class (45min): Reflective movement: a restorative mobility and flexibility flow combined with guided meditation to end your journey.

  • Mini group aerial group class (TBC if needed to complete numbers): 3-4 people (1h)

  • How to plan your training for your goals (45min): a quick talk to discuss the best practice to understand how to build your training programme in order to reach your fitness goals.

  • Departure

The Villa


The retreat is located in one of our luxury villas in Mykonos.

We sometimes also mix and match villas if the retreat is not in high season, picking form our vast portfolio depending on which side of the island is windier at the time of the retreat so our guests can have the best experience of Mykonos. No other retreats companies can do this. See the pictures below for villas in our portfolio, including real picture sof guests having fun on our retreats at our villas.


All the villas in our Mykonos portfolio are oases of beauty. We typically use villas from our portfolio of hillside villas overlooking the sea and harnessing the best of the fresh sea breeze. For bigger retreats with higher attendance we combine villas in direct proximity (sometimes across the road from each other or 30 seconds walk) for a more exciting community feel. Guests can use the pool and outside areas of any of the villas in their retreat!


Whichever villa we choose for your retreat, you are guaranteed:

To be notified about which exact villa no later than 6 weeks before the retreat

A high end luxurious villa with a beautiful pool

Luxurious rooms cleaned daily with towels and toiletries provided

Amazing views of the sea

Spacious grounds for downtime, relaxing, suntanning

Well equipped kitchens, living and dining areas

All modern conveniences

Joining one of our luxury villa retreats is total indulgence at a bargain.


All our Mykonos villas are spacious with large living and cooking areas and ample outdoor space for soaking in the sun and watching the sunrise and/or sunset. Rooms can be booked as single occupancy packages or sharing packages, with up to two guests sharing a double or king-size room.


About OIphelie (@fitfrenchkiss)

Ophelie started early, competing in gymnastics and travelling with the circus alongside coaches from Cirque Du Soleil.

Several health conditions, surgeries and long recoveries led her to training with a focus on movement. With her undeniable passion and drive she has proven time and time again that limitations can be broken down and is now an established aerial artist and fitness coach.

Her mission is to help others get the support to achieve their own goals. Her holistic approach and positive energy has shown great results for both her clients and students


The Food

Our Nava Haus Retreats chefs will provide the food from menus carefully created and balanced by nutritional experts including our head chef to include fresh local ingredients.

The menus on our retreats are designed to give maximum health benefits using freshly sourced local ingredients always.

Daily breakfast, daily lunch and the ice breaker dinner on the first evening are included in the package.



* We usually have lots of socialising and extra-curricular activities. These vary from retreat to retreat and are sometimes add-ons not included in the retreat price. However they will always be clearly listed in the itinerary. For retreats with optional activities, either add them as add-ons during your booking or contact our guest services team by emailing

* Transportation to extra-curricular activities and outside dinner locations may not bet included unless stated otherwise, if not included, it will ALWAYS be stated in the description on the retreats page and it can always be arranged. Pls inform your hosts if extra transportation is needed at anytime during your retreat.

* Airport pickup and drop off service is not always included, and if not, it can be purchased as an add-on during the booking process. If you are not sure if it is included, please email our guest services team on

* Our guest services team will contact you after you book your retreat to collect information about special requirements, training levels and training goals, allergies and to ask you about your flight or travel details so we can properly prepare for you and help plan your arrival. Please look out for our email. Also please make sure to inform us about changes to flights, delays etc. please email our guest services team on

* On most of our retreats, our instructors and trainers offer extra one-on-one sessions. For any guests interested in booking extra one-on-one yoga, fitness or other sessions including private art sessions on our arts therapy retreats or massage sessions, please email the guest services team on to arrange in advance or speak to your host or a trainer/masseuse on-site.

* We believe in transparency and we believe booking your retreat with us is just the first step on a long mutually beneficial wellness journey, so it is important to us that you are fully aware of how everything runs around you whilst with us. Plese read our 'Rules' page, and how to look after your health as well as our responsbility to you on our 'Health' page.

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