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The Highlands Retreat - A Scottish Castle Getaway

Disconnect and Recharge in the Scottish countryside.
Yoga | Pilates | Fitness | Delicious Meals | Activities



19 October 2021

24 October 2021

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The Highlands Retreat - A Scottish Castle Getaway
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All you need to know

Back due to popular demand!

In partnership with our amazing trainers once again, our stunning Scotland castle is back with its  huge indoor heated pool and all the beautiful Dunoon countryside charm. 

Demand is high, so get your early bird deals before September 13. 

Come and immerse yourself in @natalienardi's amazing yoga, meditation and deep holistic massage sessions and welcome amazing Swedish trainer @stockholmpilatescenter on board. This will be exciting!!!

  • Prices from £475 per person (See special savings rooms).
  • Deposits also accepted (Scroll down in the package deals).
  • Superior suuites also available  (Scroll down in the package deals).

Let's get some fresh air and fresh perspectives on life. Relax, unwind, and rediscover your inner peace in the Scottish countryside. This retreat is an invitation to you to take some time for yourself. Surrender to your own impulses, feel your own body and give space to your feelings.

We want to live more, do more, be more.

  • 5 nights in one of the most beautiful castles Scotland
  • Stunning lakeside location
  • Opening icebreaker (formal wear) dinner party on the first evening
  • Our own chef cooking onsite daily (3 meals a day except for one optional dine out evening)
  • Indoor heated swimming pool (53 ft x 33 feet)
  • Lots and lots of nature, beaches, hiking, drives, exploration
  • Evening social activities in local restaurants and bars
  • Daily group classes - yoga, fitness, meditation, pilates and more
  • Wifi and lots of open areas so you can 'WFH'
  • Discussions related to common problems - nutrition, back, shoulders, knees etc


Activity Time: Wild countryside hikes, bike rides, discovering the nearby towns, road trips driving through the stunning Scottish countryside, socializing and exploring amazing restaurants,  visiting stunning beaches and more

Also available - Spa treatments: Facials, massages, manicures and pedicures

Our Trainers


Natalie Nardi is the founder of Praia do Rosa Yoga Brasil, a Senior Yoga Teacher

and Massage Therapist with over 15 years-experience. She has trained, taught, led courses and hosted retreats around the world.

Her journey began as a child, often being taken to her Mother’s own Yoga class and joining in. At home, massage was regularly used to relieve common ailments, while nutrition was a focus for optimal health –valuable foundations that naturally paved her way.

Natalie’s Yoga training is classically Hatha but a more personal style has developed over the years, having collaborated and been influenced by several high-profile teachers. She expresses her passion toward more therapeutic styles and their healing effect by enjoying to teach slow, deep and methodically. A firm believer that Yoga is for everyone, never complicated, always safe and with a sense of freedom and fun; she loves to teach beginners and embraces advanced students to improve their practice from the inside out.

Natalie Nardi: “Being a yoga and massage therapist combined has certainly brought an extra intelligence to my work, whether I meet you in a group, private class or in more of a therapeutic set-up; I take great pride to hold the space, to share my knowledge and to welcome you!”


Saara is a holistic health & wellbeing advocate from Helsinki. A trained yoga, pilates and reiki instructor. She has a passion for combining movement with mental balance. In 2019, Saara went abroad to live in Sydney to learn the Aussie approach to Reformer Pilates, bringing her teaching style to the Stockholm Pilates Center to continue her pilates education and become part of the team. 

- STOTT PILATES®️ educated at Stockholm Pilates Center.

- Pre and Postnatal pilates Specialist 

- Teaches TOTAL BARRE®️. 

- Educated Hatha Yoga teacher, RYT-200 certified in Thailand, 2019

Saara also does private session: pilates / yoga / reiki

Class Descriptions


Profoundly nourishing classes to encourage your body to heal on a deeper level and your mind to calm more effortlessly. The ethos of quality over quantity is given importance and an emphasis on how a shape or movement feels for the individual, over how it may visually appear. Breathwork and meditation also play a key role; using simple and effective techniques for everyone to remember at home.

Pilates Sculpt

This class will tone, strengthen and lengthen your entire body. A faster paced mat pilates class, expect to sculpt, sweat and shine. 

Pilates Flow

A fluid and slower pilates practice. In a 60 minute class, we will tone, balance and flow, taking into consideration the connection between your body and mind.

Extras (book in advance or on the retreat)

Therapeutic Massage

One-2-One Pilates

One-2-One Fitness

Nava Haus Retreats retreats are planned around our four key pillars of L.I.F.E: leisure, indulgence, fitness and energy. We combine training and instruction, socializing, well-being and downtime. We expect you to come back pampered, healthier, mentally sound and with new life-long friends. 

Refunds policy:

Please read our COVID policy here

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