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The Battle of The Americas Wine Tasting Evening

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6 November 2021

6 November 2021

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The Battle of The Americas Wine Tasting Evening
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All you need to know

The battle of The Americas - Who will win the wine Battle of North vs South America? 

Our gracious host in Chelsea invites us to his stunning residence for this special event.

Join us in Chelsea, London for our exciting take on flavoured cheese boards mixed with a delightful, rich wine tasting experience! Good wines and wine tasting are an integral part of our retreats.

We’ve visited wineries, in Spain, Cape Town, Mykonos and many more exotic locations. Now we bring the experience home to you in Chelsea.


Outside of the well-known wine-producing countries of France, Italy and Spain, a quiet wine revolution is taking place in the southern hemisphere. Down in South America, winemakers have been using European stock since the Jesuits arrived in the new world, to produce wines that are uncorked, poured, swirled, tasted, drunk, exported and lauded all over the planet.

  • In South America, Argentina and Chile lead the pack in production, and awards, with a few other countries, such as Uruguay, producing consistently well-reviewed wines for export, while Brazil’s sparkling wines win accolades.
  • But North America has also built their own wine regions and wine is now produced in every state of America, however there are just five states where the wine industry plays a significant role - California, Oregon, Washington, New York, and Virginia.


To go with the wines, we promise an exciting foodie experience.

Expect enticing, delicious boards with a healthy twist worthy of our retreats.

There will be an array of specially chosen soft and hard cheeses, specially imported Italian prosciutto, salami, sopressata, specially sourced Spanish chorizo and some secret recipe chutneys.

Did you know you can host your own retreats kitchen? We'll do everything and you can invite your friends. Message us on or on WhatsApp - +44 (0) 7835 854265


Dress is smart casual and the dinner style is informal. Always a fun way to spend the weekday evening. Book early, only limited spaces available, and these always sell it out quickly. Social distancing guidelines are taken into consideration, so spaces are very limited.

Please let us know about any allergies during the checkout process.

See you soon :)

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