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Personalised Preventive Health and Wellness- Build the best version of yourself with Wellcode Life

Learn how to manage and reduce your stress levels and bring Mind-Body alignment. Discover your current health status, understand internal and external factors that may affect your future health trajectories and experience the best nutrition and fitness regime tailored individually to you.



24 September 2020

28 September 2020

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Personalised Preventive Health and Wellness- Build the best version of yourself with Wellcode Life
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All you need to know

#bookwithconfidence - Our COVID-19 Policy

This retreat will take place on the beautiful island of Mykonos, in one of our stunning hilltop luxury villas. See the villas page for villas in our portfolio.

WellCODE ( in collaboration with Nava Haus Retreats brings you a scientific wellness retreat to optimise your energy, wellbeing, and longevity. The five-day exclusive retreat is a unique opportunity to discover your current health status, understand internal and external factors that may affect your future health trajectories and to experience the best nutrition and fitness regime tailored individually to you. There is also an opportunity to socialise and explore the island in the evenings.

  • Luxury accommodation, a swimming pool and breath-taking views of the Mykonos landscape and the Aegean Sea
  • Daily healthy breakfast & daily healthy nutritious brunch personalised to you to help to regulate your autonomic tone
  • Daily measurements of your health biomarkers and personalised advice how to eat/train that day
  • Daily morning fitness sessions taught by Chris and/or Justin (Special attention is paid to you as you will be separated into groups for morning fitness activities according your autonomic nervous status)
  • Daily health and wellness interactive workshops about stress, fitness and longevity
  • One on one daily 30 mins coaching session with our professionals (huge value)
  • Daily optional activities like hiking, short visits to the local gym, boat trips and more
  • Evening group socializing and explorations organised by Nava Haus Retreats
  • Nava Haus Retreats signature introductory ice-breaker evening with BBQ and guest introductions on the first night.

Please See the villas page for villas in our portfolio.

Check out past retreats pictures in our gallery and our Youtube channel for videos of our retreats, trainers and activities.​

Scientific Wellness programme on your retreat? What is included:

  • Comprehensive online health assessment to get insights into your current health state. We call it System and Symptom analysis
  • Metabolic flexibility assessment with PNOE device will be performed in the morning of the first day
  • Based on these two assessments our health coaches will create initial- blue/print plan for your health transformation
  • Biometric assessments will be performed on each day; based on these measurements you will receive daily recommendations

At the end of the retreat you will receive a follow up plan with personalised dietary, nutraceuticals and fitness recommendations

What would happen during the retreat?

  • For four days you will experience the benefits of following a nutritional and fitness programme that is tailored to your autonomic tone and metabolic flexibility status
  • Personalised biometric coaching programme will be delivered to you during the retreat                                        
  • Daily measurements of HRV, blood glucose and body temperature and adjustment of you food/fitness training for a day
  • Daily one on one 30 minutes coaching sessions with wellcode’ world class experts in fitness and wellness 
  • Metabolic flexibility assessment: two assessments.                                        
  • Active assessment with clinical grade PNOE device
  • Accurate assessment of VO2MAX and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • Report with bespoke training and nutritional recommendations
  • Recommendations
  • Consultation with Wellcode qualified coach          

Additional optional assessments:

  • There will be an option to take biomolecular tests such as DNA, microbiome and functional blood tests before the retreat for an additional charge. This will allow us to further tailor your health transformation programme to your unique biology. See our website or enclosed presentation for details
  • 1:1 consultations, assessments, and coaching sessions also available

About WellCODE:

WellCODE Life is a scientific wellness company which provides integrated health transformation programs tailored to your individual molecular, genetic and physiological profile. By utilising science and latest technologies, we can predict more accurately what type of physical exercises, diet and lifestyle changes are better suited to achieve your optimal health and wellness.

The multi- disciplinary team of health-care practitioners work together to cross analyse and incorporate assessment results, into actionable dietary, fitness and stress management recommendations. We will then help to integrate these recommendations into your daily routine and support you at every step through your health transformation journey.

Previous Retreats:

WellCODE Life (

Previous retreats:

Your WellCODE hosts:

Justin (@autonomic_coaching):

Justin Maguire (Sports Therapy, Nutrition, Blood chemistry analysis, PICP3 specialist)

Lead practitioner at WellCODE.

Justin is a health and performance optimisation specialist. He is committed to the concept of optimal health being attainable to all and is widely utilising biochemistry, physiology and nutritional analysis in his practice.

Justin is using his knowledge to afford an individual with practical tools to correct negative patterns and positively transform health. Through the process of comprehensive testing and analysis, he can unveil hidden dysfunctions establishing specific health protocols and delivering results

Chris (@Christianthomson9):

Christian Thomson (BSc in Biology, sport nutrition and functional neurology specialist)

Head of Transformation Programmes at WellCODE.

Christian is an experienced pain and movement specialist as well as an accredited performance coach, who has achieved the World Kick Boxing Championship.

His innovative practice incorporates the latest scientific developments in optimum health technology to deliver impressive and measurable results. Moving beyond the usual remit of personal training, he utilises potent psychological and neurological techniques to help others gain pain-free, powerful bodies.

Nina (

Nina Skorytchenko (MSc, ESCP-Business School, MA, BSc, CEO of Avenna and Wellcode Life)

Founder and CEO at WellCODE.

Nina is the founder and CEO of WellCODE and precision medicine biotech company, Avenna. She works in collaboration with scientists and healthcare professionals tomake personalised precision medicine solutions accessible and affordable to all.

Her collaboration with Oxford scientists led to the launch of the innovative precision medicine test for chronic inflammation –GHI. Nina is passionate about integrating the latest health and wellness technologies into the Wellcode health transformation programmes to provide the best possible health outcomes for clients

The Villa

This retreat is located in one of our luxury villas in Mykonos. We sometimes also mix and match villas if the retreat is not in high season, picking from our vast portfolio depending on which side of the island is windier at the time of the retreat so our guests can have the best experience of Mykonos. No other retreat companies can do this. See the villas page for villas in our portfolio.

About Nava Haus Retreats and Your Experience.We plan our retreats around our four pillars of L.I.F.E: Leisure, Indulgence, Fitness, Energy.

COVID-19 Policy

If the government guidelines change in such a way that it is not possible/not safe/not legal to hold your retreat, all bookings will be immediately refunded.

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