Hoka Hay Spring Retreat with Joanna & Adam - Ibiza March 2020

Join Adam and Joanna as they take you on a 5-day journey of
reawakening that will leave you open to attract new opportunities
and possibilities into your life



26 March 2020

30 March 2020

Hoka Hay Spring Retreat with Joanna & Adam - Ibiza March 2020
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All you need to know

Want to know more about how to live on a plant-based diet? How about learning unique movements and ways to re-awaken your best self and bring more happiness into your life?

As we emerge from our cocoons out of the Winter months, it’s time to awaken anew into Spring. Spring Equinox in 2020 brings about change, transformation, and the beginning of a new cycle. This cycle is all about bringing your dreams into full fruition. The seeds that you’ve been planting are now coming into manifestation. 

Join Adam and Joanna as they take you on a 5-day journey of reawakening that will leave you open to attract new opportunities and possibilities into your life, that come naturally once your vibration is resonating on a level to receive. 

We will dive into and explore the energy centers of the body through different practices, movement, meditation, conversation, energy healing, music, dancing, games and laughter. Raising your vibration and your consciousness to bring in all that you desire. Be nurtured and receive tools and advice that you can take with you beyond the retreat space and into your everyday life.  

On this retreat, expect:

Luxury villa accommodation with a swimming pool

Our signature introductory the ice-breaker evening BBQ on the first night

Daily healthy breakfast

Daily healthy nutritious brunch

Group Training Sessions

Animal Flow


Sound Healing

Conscious Movement/Dance

Cacao Ceremony

2 or 4-handed Shamanic Reiki and Sound Therapy Treatments

Daily Talks on  Sustaining a Plant Based Diet

Daily Talks on Self-Healing

Excursions,  Beach Clean, Walks and more 

Lots of personal downtime

Advice on the best ways to enjoy Ibiza has to offer in March

Joanna Lewins.

A passionate and gifted teacher & therapist in Shamanic Reiki, Wataflow and Sound. She shares her offerings through 1:1 sessions, workshops and teachings, predominantly across Europe and Bali. Joanna creates safe and sacred spaces wherever she goes; sanctuaries that guide others to open themselves to their own inner healing journeys, bringing them into a deep state of presence and back into their hearts.  

She has a deep connection to her Spirit Guides and works as a Channel to transmit the messages and the teachings from Source. Her dharma is where she walks. With her big open heart, soft vocals and her light, yet grounded essence, you will surrender into ease in her presence.

Adam Stansbury. 

On a mission to show men and women how they can get fit, strong and healthy, whilst eating a plant-based diet, transforming their bodies and the planet in the process. It was in 2014 that Adam adopted a plant-based vegan diet after eating meat his whole life, for ethical and environmental reasons.

Adam is an award-winning personal trainer (National Fitness Awards 2013), and inspirational Public Speaker with a wide range of holistic skills and interests to call on, from Animal Flow, Reiki Energy Healing, Functional Fitness Training, Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition Coaching. 

“Changing the world starts with changing yourself first, and the one thing you can have complete control over each day is the food you eat.”

About Nava Haus Retreats and Your Experience.

We plan our retreats around our four pillars of L.I.F.E, luxury, indulgence, fitness and energy, so we combine training and instruction, socializing, well-being and luxury. These are key elements of all our retreats. We expect you to come back pampered, healthier, mentally sound and with new life-long friends! It's a no-brainer really.

As usual the villas are amazing, the menus are uniquely sourced from fresh local ingredients and the fitness and health package is top-notch. We always pick the best from our luxury villas portfolio and we have the menus uniquely created for each retreat our highly qualified nutritionists.

Also, this is perfect for all - singles, couples re-connection, groups of friends or group celebrations.

Our hosts will be available daily from your arrival to your departure to ensure you are taken care of, so you can focus on your health and fun.

*extra-curricular dinners and lunches are optional and not included in booking price.

*transportation to dinner locations in the itinerary is not included but can be arranged. Please inform our hosts if needed.

* full transportation service can be purchased as an add-on during the booking process (see tickets below).

* to inform us about changes to flights, delays etc. Please email the reservations team on retreats@navahaus.com.

* for any guests interested in booking extra one-on-one yoga sessions, private workout sessions or massage sessions please email the reservations team on retreats@navahaus.com to arrange in advance or speak to a trainer/masseuse on-site.