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Highlands Retreat - A Scottish Castle Getaway - SOLD OUT

Disconnect and Recharge in the Scottish countryside.
Yoga | Pilates | Fitness | Delicious Meals | Activities



18 May 2021

23 May 2021

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Highlands Retreat - A Scottish Castle Getaway - SOLD OUT
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All you need to know

With our new dates in early summer ensuring we can travel to our Scotland castle within the guidelines, we are pleased to say spaces are filling up fast.

We have joined forces with Agi Falenta and Natalie Nardi to get some fresh air and fresh perspective. Relax, unwind, and rediscover your inner peace in the Scottish countryside. This retreat is an invitation to you to take some time for yourself. Surrender to your own impulses, feel your own body and give space to your feelings.

We want to live more, do more, be more.

  • One of the most beautiful castles in Scotland
  • Our own chef and cooking classes
  • Breakfast and/brunch daily
  • 3 free dinners included (as per the itinerary below)
  • Daily Yoga with Natalie Nardi and activities
  • Daily fitness led by Agi Falenta and activities
  • Indoor Swimming Heated Pool (53 ft x 33 feet)
  • Lunchtime workshops related to common problems- nutrition, back, shoulders, knees and hips


Activity Time: Hikes, fishing, bike rides, discovering the nearby towns and more

Spa treatments: Facials, massages, manicures and pedicures available.

  • The Castle has wheelchair access and two bedrooms on the ground floor which are easily accessible.
  • There is a large car park in front of the Castle.
  • We do not accept dogs at Hafton Castle.
  • One meal at a restaurant is not included in the package price.


The itinerary is subject to slight changes depending on weather, availability and timing and will now be shared in th retreat Telegram group

Our Trainers


Natalie Nardi is the founder of Praia do Rosa Yoga Brasil, a Senior Yoga Teacher

and Massage Therapist with over 15 years-experience. She has trained, taught, led courses and hosted retreats around the world.

Her journey began as a child, often being taken to her Mother’s own Yoga class and joining in. At home, massage was regularly used to relieve common ailments, while nutrition was a focus for optimal health –valuable foundations that naturally paved her way.

Natalie’s Yoga training is classically Hatha but a more personal style has developed over the years, having collaborated and been influenced by several high-profile teachers. She expresses her passion toward more therapeutic styles and their healing effect by enjoying to teach slow, deep and methodically. A firm believer that Yoga is for everyone, never complicated, always safe and with a sense of freedom and fun; she loves to teach beginners and embraces advanced students to improve their practice from the inside out.

Natalie Nardi: “Being a yoga and massage therapist combined has certainly brought an extra intelligence to my work, whether I meet you in a group, private class or in more of a therapeutic set-up; I take great pride to hold the space, to share my knowledge and to welcome you!”

Maybe you’re simply looking for relaxation? Pain relief, healing on a deeper level or just some quality “me time?” Feel at ease in the calm grace of Natalie, empower yourself, be in the moment and enjoy the simplicity of what yoga and massage brings!


Equitness Pilates has been created by Agi Falenta -- Pilates and fitness instructor, equestrian, a mum of two, horse and border collie lover and a fitness ambassador from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Agi is an International Presenter who has taught workshops and masterclasses to instructors in UK, India, Turkey, Poland, Dubai and the US. She is a creator of the first Interactive Pilates with Props Manual. She has been a horse rider and International showjumper and now shares her passion for Pilates through her Instagram page and at studios in Scotland,

where she currently resides and around the world through her workshops.

"I have practiced Pilates for years but being a bit hyper I have always felt that it is well below my tempo. On the other hand, I didn’t fancy doing high speed exercises that make your shirt soaked in sweat, especially when you want to do a 10 minutes routine on your office lunch break. Having more than 25 years horse riding and show jumping experience I know

the importance of strong core and abdominal muscles not only in riding but in everyday life.

So I took what’s best from Pilates, riding and fitness and created Equitness -- Agi’s way to do Pilates with a powerful twist.

There is no need to spend thousands on sophisticated gym equipment that looks more like medieval torture machines, when you can use very simple props to target specific muscles groups. Thera-bands, circles, loop bands for adding some resistance, or balls, overballs and rollers to help with mobility issues, joints problems and to challenge balance, stability and strength."

Class Descriptions


Profoundly nourishing classes to encourage your body to heal on a deeper level and your mind to calm more effortlessly. The ethos of quality over quantity is given importance and an emphasis on how a shape or movement feels for the individual, over how it may visually appear. Breathwork and meditation also play a key role; using simple and effective techniques for everyone to remember at home.

Slow-paced, grounded and soothing, yet strong and suitable for everyone. Expect gentle mobilisation and passive stretches that work deeply to restore the body; with plenty of rest, luxurious support and adjustments to enjoy comfortable holds, over longer periods of time. Perfect to recharge energies, relieve aches, compliment active lifestyles or to simply help busy minds!

Pilates inspired HiIT - High Intensity workout

A little bit faster, more challenging class focussing on burning, sculpting and getting stronger,

leaner, toner. In this session we might use small props to add a challenge and to work more effectively. 

Be ready to sweat and have fun :)

Pilates for everyone

In this session we will focus on better understanding Pilates Principles. Trying to find connection with mind and body.

Session design for all levels. In this class Agi will show lots of progressions and modifications, to make sure that the class will be suitable for all levels.

We might use some small props for support, help, feedback or to add some challenge.

Pilates with a twist

Pilates is so beautiful in its simplicity. It allows you to go smaller, resist less, do fewer repetitions and often slower which helps find you a true challenge - whatever level of ability you are.

In this class Agi will show you how to make slight changes for a greater challenge. Come explore the possibilities with this session of taking the Pilates principles and variations of the original moves to the new level.

Extras (book in advance or on the retreat)

Therapeutic Massage

Treat yourself to an unforgettable luxurious experience, where the body is honoured as a complete whole; releasing not not only your physical body but also that of your mind and emotions. A mini consultation ensures that sessions are entirely tailor-made to suit individual needs and wants, helping Natalie to treat everyone as unique at any given moment.

You can feel totally at ease in Natalie’s hands, whether you are new to massage, simply looking for relaxation, release of muscular tension, pain relief or seeking healing on a deeper level!

One-2-One Yoga

Natalie’s private Yoga sessions are known to be particularly therapeutic. Expect plenty of ground-based poses, where she uses the floor and bodyweight as a resistance to stretch, move and manipulate you deeply into shapes. Together with better attention to alignment, you will enjoy longer holds with less effort and find greater relief in your body; physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is also time to focus on your individual practice and gain a deeper understanding of your needs, helping you to progress toward personal goals. Excellent for beginners’ initial experience, to help confidence and to establish safe practice skills. Advanced yogis can also benefit to improve their current practice, by working into poses with more detail and by finding an extra element of challenge.

Nava Haus Retreats retreats are planned around our four key pillars of L.I.F.E: leisure, indulgence, fitness and energy. We combine training and instruction, socializing, well-being and downtime. We expect you to come back pampered, healthier, mentally sound and with new life-long friends. 

Refunds policy:

Please read our COVID policy here

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