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Enhance your life with L.I.F.T

Join Mona Al Bitar from Jordan and experience a unique type of fitness. L.I.F.T is Lifestyle Functional Fitness Training. We can assure you you've never tried anything like it, and you'll come back with your body and your knowledge of fitness transformed.



23 September 2020

28 September 2020

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Enhance your life with L.I.F.T
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All you need to know

L.I.F.T is meant to coach fitness curious people and fitness enthusiasts of all levels who are looking for personalised guidance through group coaching and training sessions on how to move better in order to perform better and ultimately enhance their overall quality of life.

Mona is the head coach at L.I.F.T Jo in Jordan, and she individually helps each client to achieve their goals and dreams so she knows what it means to be attentive and present to help you achieve yours.

"My sole purpose is to guide people through world class coaching on how they can upgrade themselves and their lives through using movement based fitness training as a catalyst." - Mona al Bitar

Kettlebells, battleropes, Mats, Agility ladders

1 hour of physical Training per day + 30min Goal setting & breathing group sessions per day

Daily Itinerary (this may change very slightly depending on weather and inspiration)

08:00 PHYSICAL FITNESS Energising group fitness sessions at the Nava Haus Villa. Circuit training using body weight and gym equipment, themed in a playful and practical manner. Coach Mona will take you through a series of exercises for body and mind, which will get you going for your day ahead. The session will be complemented with 30 minutes of group coaching to empower your Mantra.  

10.00 POWER BREAKFAST Delicious breakfast with tea and coffee. Recharge and hydrate your body with fresh and energising breakfast which will prepare you for the day (sample menus will be provided with your booking pack)  

12:00 RECOVERY TIME / SIGHTSEEING Admire the local Bazaars, visit Bodrum Castle, relax at the authentic Turkish baths and visit the roman’s ruins  

14.00 BRUNCH Healthy brunch prepared by the Nava Haus Retreats Chef who will bring you some exciting dishes using her take on modern Turkish cuisine and the best of the local ingredients

15.00 DOWNTIME Enjoy the Nava Haus Villa, read a book by the pool, socialise and indulge in the sunshine  

16.30 BEACH TIME / ACTIVITIES Hikes, recreational activities, informal sports, loungers, drinks and sunset watching  

20.00 DINNER IN TOWN Try a local restaurant for a traditional Turkish Dinner enjoying the Mediterranean breeze. A typical traditional dinner in this area of Turkey starts with a selection of cold mezze, followed by hot mezze, a salad and then your choice of vegetables, fish or meat  


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