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American Caribbean Fusion Grill Afternoon

Combining the various flavours from American BBQ cultures for a very special afternoon Retreat Kitchen BBQ. Jul 30, 3PM - 8PM



30 July 2022

30 July 2022

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American Caribbean Fusion Grill Afternoon
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All you need to know

Over the years in America, BBQ has been more than a meal, but also a community experience. Roasting a whole hog is an economical way to eat, and many rural and working-class communities enjoy a good BBQ for social gatherings. Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of African, Creole, Cajun, Amerindian, European, Latin American, Indian/South Asian, Afghan, Middle Eastern, and Chinese. – so we are combining the flavours from our favourite cultures for a very special afternoon Retreat Kitchen BBQ.


We’ll also be compiling some of our favourite Caribbean tunes for the occasion. Reggae, ska, calypso and salsa are the sounds of the islands and will transport us to tropical vibes at these recent temperatures. Expect some Bob Marley, Konshens, The Jolly Boys to go with the jerk!

Our chef

Shannon is the newest addition to our team. She’s a 31 year old Londoner, who serves up the tastiest multicultural dishes, with an organic and authentic Caribbean twist! Her love for cooking started at just 9 years old, where she would help her parents prepare family dinner. Shannon’s creativity comes from travelling, her children and a genuine love for all things food!

The party will start at 3pm and finish at 8pm. 


  • All American Cheese Burger/ Vegan All American(Beef patty, American cheese crispy onion lettuce mustard vegan patty)
  • Texas BBQ Hotdogs (Classic grilled hotdogs, crispy onions , rich homemade spiced barbecue sauce)
  • BBQ Grilled Chicken (Grilled barbecue jerk chicken made with organic spices imported directly from the Caribbean)
  • Mango Salsa (Juicy mango diced with red onions and fresh bell peppers)
  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese (Three cheese Mac with a creamy Rich white cheese sauce)
  • Sweet Honey Slaw (This Haus slaw is like no other Yum!)
  • Green Garden Salad (Refreshing green salad to compliment your meal)
  • Grilled Garlic Butter Corn (Crispy sweet and juicy corn grilled to perfection drizzled in garlic butter)

Dress Code: Smart casual. The event is informal so our guests have ample opportunity to meet and chat and have fun - that's the entire point of our retreat kitchens. 

Address: To protect our hosts, the actual address will be sent by email and/or SMS three to four days before the event so please ensure you register with your correct details. Also, join this WhatsApp group for updates on the event and to ask any questions:

Please let us know about any allergies during the checkout process. To host your own retreats kitchen at your residence, please contact us by WhatsApp at +44 (0) 7835 854265 or by email at

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