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What We're About!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

At @NavaHausRetreats, we hold unique pop-up events called Retreats Kitchens in and around London and hosted in lavish residences. We, at NHR, have a passion for tasty but healthy, nutritional food and our amazing chef’s delicious menus demonstrate that.

We have a lot of exciting upcoming events and would like to introduce some of our chefs co-hosting them!

Meet Julia!

Our chef Julia is based in London and started up her own catering company prior to the pandemic. Julia has a Spanish Mum and English Dad which is influential to her cooking. Julia’s food is mainly vegetarian based. She combines flavors from all parts of the world, resulting in a wide variety of indulgent food! Much like us at NHR, she sees food as medicine and considers it a vital part of maintaining a happy and wholesome lifestyle.

Julia will be co-hosting a Retreat Kitchen soon, stay tuned!

Intsagram: @eatingwithjuleslondon


Meet Tunde!

Another one of our incredible Chefs is Tunde Tejumola, a Chef, an entrepreneur, and a Pharmacist from Nigeria. Tunde enjoys exploring his cooking with Suya, an aromatic, nutty spice blend from West Africa. Tunde founded the business Suyaman.

Suyaman’s mission is to bring people together to celebrate Nigeria and uses Suya and fresh British produce to create exciting fusion dishes!

Tunde is co-hosting our Retreat Kitchen in Clapham, London on 30th October @7pm with a tasty, African street food inspired menu!

Instagram: Suyamanuk


Meet Zana!

Zana grew up in London and started working as a Chef 5 years ago. She adores everything about food, whether it’s cooking, styling or writing critical reviews when trying new restaurants, which inspires and further educates her in her own cooking.

Zana has experience in a broad range of cuisines and has worked in some of London’s trendiest eats such as Padella and Boo.

Zana is the founder of PassaPassa, which is a Carribean small plate pop up, based in London. She is looking forward to creating some of her delicious dishes in her menu for our Kitchen Retreats!

Instagram: @lovezae


Meet Oscar!

Oscar, is a professional Chef of about 4 years, who has recently made a foray into the private catering industry with Nava Haus. Cooking has always been Oscar’s passion. He grew up in a French family, around amazing cooks, so he has always had a lot to aspire to. His passion is perfecting his crafts and seeing happy, content faces in front of an empty plate of food!

Oscar is excited about creating his own extravagant menu for our Retreats Kitchens! He has already hosted 2 during the Indian summer we had.

Instagram: @Oscarcooks_

Meet Rebecca!

Rebecca is a passionate naturopathic nutritionist. She practices nutrition, with the approach of whole organic foods and natural supplements as a treatment for diseases.

Rebecca used to work in the city, living a highly stressful and unhealthy lifestyle and she wasn’t happy! She decided to leave her job and retrain.

She then found herself running retreats alongside a therapist and fitness trainer, cooking for and educating guests on the powerful benefit of a healthy diet. Rebecca receives great joy helping people improve their well-being!

Rebecca creates yummy nutritious menus, whilst enlightening people the benefits of a healthy diet.

Instagram: @food_thought_for_you

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