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VOGA - find strength within yoga

Join Juliet Murrell, founder of VOGA, on a journey of discovery of deeper yoga incorporating breath, movement and music, making your fitness experience a social and memorable experience.


24 September 2020


28 September 2020

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All you need to know

#bookwithconfidence - Our COVID-19 Policy

VOGA - find strength within yoga with Juliet Murrell -  5 days of expertly guided yoga, deepening your yoga foundations. suitable for beginners and advanced learners alike.

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About Juliet 


Juliet has been practising yoga for the last 15 years and trained in Sivananda Yoga, India, 2011 and Fierce Grace Hot Yoga, London, 2018.

She created VOGA to help others believe in their inner power and connect to the physicality of the body through breath, movement and music, making your fitness experience a social and memorable experience. 

"Having known first-hand how it feels to experience depleted energy levels with post-viral chronique fatigue in my teens, my main priority since has been to cultivate energy and help others prioritise happiness, health and wellbeing. I created VOGA after the illuminating moment that life can be everything you want it to be. Free your mind, combine your passions.".

About our retreats 

Nava Haus Retreats retreats are planned around our four key pillars of L.I.F.E: leisure, indulgence, fitness and energy. We combine training and instruction, socializing, well-being and downtime. We expect you to come back pampered, healthier, mentally sound and with new life-long friends. We always use a high standard of luxury villa from our portfolio. They all include infinity pools or similar standard, modern conveniences, kitchen and living areas and beautiful gardens or views.

Our menus are unique, sourced from fresh local ingredients wherever we are and prepared on-site by our chefs, who we typically fly in with us. We work with the best trainers to ensure the fitness and health package is top-notch. 

Our retreats are perfect for all - singles, couples re-connection, groups of friends or group celebrations. Our hosts ensure everybody is comfortable, well-introduced and included. They will be available daily from your arrival to your departure to ensure you are taken care of, so you can focus on your health and fun.

The Training - designed to build the right foundations 

VOGA training will utilise Vogue gesture to help deepen your yoga poses. It explores the effect of body language, and celebrates bold stylized silhouettes to build strength with alignment; confidence with style.

For more detailed training and activities information, please email for the brochure.

Daily Itinerary (this may change very slightly depending on weather and inspiration) 

7.30 am - 9.30 am 


10 am - 1 pm 180min 

Voga sessions (program will involve skill-building and progressions in balances and more technical postures)




Downtime, beach time, activities and Mykonos town tours (please request the brochure for a detailed itinerary).


7- 8 pm daily

Private one-on-one sessions offered at a cost for those who wish to learn more in-depth techniques from Juliet. Cheaper if booked in advance - Please ask for private booking details details by emailing or 

WhatsApp: +44 7835 854265


8.30 pm+ daily

Exploring Mykonos night life - restaurants, family-owned eateries and beach bars with our hosts.

* extra-curricular dinners and lunches are optional and not included in booking price.

* transportation to dinner locations in the itinerary is not included but can be arranged. Pls inform our hosts if needed.

* full transportation service can be purchased as an add-on during the booking process (see tickets below).

* to inform us about changes to flights, delays etc. please email the reservations team on

* for any guests interested in booking extra one-on-one yoga sessions, private workout sessions or massage sessions please email the reservations team on to arrange in advance or speak to our host or a trainer/masseuse on-site.

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