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Mykonos Dance Retreat With Sheida Mas - May 2021

Learn from the best. Daily dance sessions with successful choreographer and dance teacher Sheida Mas, who is also the the Director of Mas Dance.


27 May 2021


31 May 2021

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All you need to know

Successful choerographer Sheida Mas says come and have some fun dancing in the Mykonos sunshine! Sheida is also the director of Mas Dance and is very successful at placing dancers in lucrative gigs around the world. 

Class descriptions:

  • Group Dance Classes. 
  • Improvisation Sessions. 
  • Creation.
  • Mentoring Sessions

Itinerary (this may change very slightly depending on weather and inspiration) 


Arrival Introduction Dine Out and Ice-breaker


(10am-1pm at the studio)

10-11.30am: Group Dance Class ( Contemporary Fusion) 11.30am-1pm: Creation

7.30 pm Dinner Together 8.30-9 pm Mentoring Session

DAY 3 

(10am-1 pm at the studio)

10-11.30am: Group Dance Class ( Contemporary Fusion) 11.30am-1pm: Creation

7.30 pm Dinner Together  8.30-9pm Mentoring Session

DAY 4 

(10am-1pm at the studio)

10-11.30am: Group Dance Class ( Contemporary Fusion) 11.30am-1pm: Creation

7.30 pm Dinner Together Night Out!

DAY 5 

12 pm Brunch Together Social Activity / Goodbyes

On this retreat, expect:

Luxury villa accommodation with a swimming pool and breathtaking views of the Mykonos landscape and the Aegean sea

Our signature introductory ice-breaker evening with BBQ and guest introductions on the first night

Two healthy meals daily prepared by our chef

3 hours of daily dance training sessions in the dance studio

Daily optional activities like hiking, short visits to the local gym, boat trips and more

Lots of personal downtime so you can enjoy the sights and sounds of Mykonos

Visits to the beaches of Mykonos and seaside dinners

Evening group socializing and excursions into town

Regular Advice on the best beaches, beach bars and restaurants Mykonos has to offer in May

May is the perfect time to visit the stunning island of Mykonos. The island is not too busy, the temperatures are perfect (generally 23C upwards), it's not so windy and you can see a lot more for a lot less money.

Sheida Mas. 


Sheida Mas is a Spanish/Persian Choreographer who moved to London in 2016.

Her career started in the Hip Hop world but her curiosity and drive towards new movements, and ways to communicate through them, took her to get a Degree in Contemporary Dance, specialising in Choreography, at the Alicia Alonso University Institute in Madrid, Spain. She teaches her eclectic style "Contemporary Fusion" at Base Dance Studios and Canada Water Studios in London and directs her own dance company "Mas Dance" as well as the project Contemporary Sessions. Sheida also teaches at Adidas Studio LND, representing Adidas Women. Her credits include brands like Adidas, Nike, Toyota, Marshall, Sky TV, Cadbury, Blur Films and Fashion Freak Show.

Mas Dance is a Contemporary Dance Company based in London, UK. Formed by Contemporary, Ballet and Hip Hop dancers from all over the world, working as one entity, combining different trainings and styles to create their own. They believe that their differences are their strengths and that in this age, what the dance world needs is innovation, fusion and diversity. They hold open classes in Central London where they make their company work accessible to all dancers. .


The Training.

Specially tailored for pofessional dancers and mid-level experience dancers wishing to improve on their art, this retreat comes complete with a dance studio! You will be joyfully engaged in three hours of dance instruction and choreography daily, with Sheida showing you the intricacies of dance in a fun, yet exercising way. You will also have the opportunity to take on extra one-on-one sessions during the retreat if you wish to learn more.


About Nava Haus Retreats and Your Experience.

We plan our retreats around our four pillars of L.I.F.E, leisure, indulgence, fitness and energy, so we combine training and instruction, socializing, well-being and luxury. These are key elements of all our retreats. We expect you to come back pampered, healthier, mentally sound and with new life-long friends! It's a no-brainer really.

As usual the villas are amazing, the menus are uniquely sourced from fresh local ingredients and the fitness and health package is top-notch. To be specific, we have picked a stunning selection from our luxury villas portfolio and we have had the menus uniquely created for the month of May by some of our highly qualified nutritionists.

Also, this is perfect for all - singles, couples re-connection, groups of friends or group celebrations.

Our hosts will be available daily from your arrival to your departure to ensure you are taken care of, so you can focus on your health and fun.

* extra-curricular dinners and lunches are optional and not included in booking price.

* transportation to dinner locations in the itinerary is not included but can be arranged. Pls inform our hosts if needed.

* full transportation service can be purchased as an add-on during the booking process (see tickets below).

* to inform us about changes to flights, delays etc. please email the reservations team on

* for any guests interested in booking extra one-on-one yoga sessions, private workout sessions or massage sessions please email the reservations team on to arrange in advance or speak to a trainer/masseuse on-site.

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