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Mullins Beach, Barbados

Yoga | HIIT | Nutrition
Enjoy the best of Bajan sunshine and culture in one of the finest seaside areas in Barbados during the famous Crop Over festival, a 200 year old tradition


22 July 2021


28 July 2021

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All you need to know

Why Choose This Retreat?

Barbados has been consistently a COVID-safe zone since spring 2020 and remains so till this day.

We welcome you to a well deserved break in one of the most beautiful areas in Barbados (Mullins) situated by the turquoise green waters of Mullins beach. 

You will also join our Royal Westmoreland guests each day for group fitness and wellness activities on a hill on top of Royal Westmoreland golf resort, where we’ll spend each day of the seven days (6 nights) wellness retreat enjoying:

  • reliable, heart-warming warm weather
  • top level fitness and yoga classes
  • snorkelling, cruising and bathing in turquoise green seas
  • perfect nutrition made from freshly sourced local ingredients
  • a memorable, soul-lifting Carribean festival
  • activities like the famous Mount Gay rum tasting tour - the world’s oldest running rum distillery

The Crop Over Festival is a 200 year old tradition honoring the Bajan sugar cane season. The six-week festival celebrates all that is Bajan with dusk till dawn parties, arts and crafts markets and culinary-driven street fares. Every celebrity in the world from Rihanna to Brad Pitt, from Drake to Wayne Rooney has been spotted strolling around casually during the Crop Over Festival celebrations.

Our Promise For This Retreat

  • This break is hosted in one of the most beautiful houses in the Carribean
  • You will learn skills that you can bring back home to improve your health and wellbeing
  • You will experience the rich culture and delights of one of the best Carribean islands in a COVID-safe society
  • You will enjoy adventures, social activities and events in one of the best festivals in the world
  • You will meet like-minded people and come back recharged, refreshed and with new friends


About our retreats 

Nava Haus Retreats retreats are planned around our four key pillars of L.I.F.E: leisure, indulgence, fitness and energy. We combine training and instruction, socializing, well-being and downtime. We expect you to come back pampered, healthier, mentally sound and with new life-long friends. We always use a high standard of luxury villa from our portfolio. They all include infinity pools or similar standard, modern conveniences, kitchen and living areas and beautiful gardens or views.

Our menus are unique, sourced from fresh local ingredients wherever we are and prepared on-site by our chefs, who we typically fly in with us. We work with the best trainers to ensure the fitness and health package is top-notch. 

Our retreats are perfect for all - singles, couples re-connection, groups of friends or group celebrations. Our hosts ensure everybody is comfortable, well-introduced and included. They will be available daily from your arrival to your departure to ensure you are taken care of, so you can focus on your health and fun.

Daily Itinerary (this may change very slightly depending on weather and inspiration) 

8.30 am


10.30 am - 45 to 60min 

Yoga, fitness or exploratory exercise (e.g. hiking, running, climbing) sessions

Exploring the Bajan daytime during the festival - snorkelling, beach bars, festival events and more - assisted by our hosts.

2.00 pm or 3.00 pm


4.00 pm

Downtime, beach time, activities (please request the brochure closer to the event for a detailed itinerary).


7.30 pm+ daily

Exploring the Bajan night life during the festival - sunset cruises, restaurants, beach bars, festival events and more - assisted by our hosts.

The Little Print

* full transportation service can be purchased as an add-on during the booking process (see tickets below).

* to inform us about changes to flights, delays etc. please email the reservations team on

* for any guests interested in booking massage sessions at the villa please email the reservations team on to arrange in advance or speak to our host or a trainer/masseuse on-site.

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