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Escape & Rebuild - Mykonos (From $1,250)

Are you ready to be Healthy And Fit? Ready to step it up a notch? Ready for the ultimate mind, body and spirit fitness experience?

Then pack your bags and skip on board because you'll come back a totally different person!


12 September 2019


17 September 2019

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All you need to know

Join me, Los Angeles mind and body fitness guru Steve Jordan and my fitness pals as we invite you to take a special step towards ultimate fitness with us this summer!

I want you to experience life-changing results, not only to your body but to your mind, so I have taken all the measures required to ensure you come back totally transformed both inside and out! Time to change your fitness routine and fitness environment for a week you totally deserve!

The Retreat

I have booked a luxury villa, I have arranged top nutritionists and local chefs, and I have done it all on the lovely breathtaking island of Mykonos.

I only do this very rarely, so get your space on this special retreat while you can. I will help you to understand and experience the combined power of a fresh environment, nature, and well tailored fitness exercises as it transforms the body and mind in one week of intense workouts, socialising and relaxation on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Expect the legendary beauty of the Greek sunrise as you experience the power of daily sessions including but not limited to:

- Mindful intention meditation

- Integrated Movement Preparation consisting of stretches, preparing the body and mind for efficient movement.

- HIIT circuits that challenge your core, balance, strength, stamina and coordination.

- Recovery including passive stretches and movements that reset your nervous system for optimal recovery.

- Gratitude Meditation to change your attitude by practising moments of gratitude and preparing you for your return to city life.

And this is perfect for all - singles, couples re-connection, groups of friends or celebrations

The Recovery Moments

This retreat is themed after Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of wine, wine-making and theatre. Our fitness combinations will replenish both your body and your mind, so like mythical Dionysus' you return to busy life full of ideas, inspired with imagination and of course, enriched with new friendships and like-minded contacts for city life.

The trip includes visits to organic vineyards to see how traditional organic farming has been practised by the Greeks for centuries, a visit to a garden theatre, exploration of the Greek beaches and landscapes, organic wine tasting and much, much more.

A Holiday Worth A Million

Our retreat partners (Nava Haus Retreats) will have their luxury hosts on hand daily to ensure you lack for nothing at the villa, so you can focus on your health and fun and forget the daily worries of city life.

There will be moments to get to know your retreat partners, such as the introductory the ice-breaker evening dinner on the first night, and trips into Mykonos town.

You will wake up to a healthy breakfast everyday and unique HIIT classes led by Steve Jordan. There will be yoga gurus to help you connect the dots between Steve's sessions and yoga, and there will be lots of beach time including a fabulous clifftop lunch at Scorpios on Paraga Beach to keep that tan radiant and myth-worthy.

Need I say more?

Click on the 'Register Now' link below and get your package now while spaces remain.

Let's go to Escape & Rebuild - Mykonos

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