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Crypto Bottomless Brunch

A financial wellbeing masterclass - Nava Haus Retreats & Seb Lyall host a bottomless brunch at Chelsea Fun House, with an hour long talk on NFT's


5 February 2022


5 February 2022

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All you need to know

All you need to know

Well, we all know financial wellbeing is a big part of wellness. To welcome in 2022, we are thrilled to be hosting our Crypto Bottomless Brunch, partnering with Seb Lyall, the founder and creator director of Lollipop. Wellness is far more than just a healthy eating or exercise fad.  It has been proven to tie in inextricably with our physical, mental and financial health.


Non-fungible token.

That doesn’t make it any clearer.

Right, sorry. “Non-fungible” more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else.

Expect networking, sharing knowledge, and joining new conversations on DeFi, NFTs and the crypto markets.

Discussing the frontier of decentralized finance with fellow Londoners and investors at all levels.

For this occasion, we will be heading to Chelsea Funhouse, London to enjoy a bottomless brunch and drinks!

The day will start at 12pm, and we will be joined by Seb Lyall, leading an hour long talk on NFT’s.

Please let us know about any allergies during the checkout process.

Early bird tickets on sale until end of January, then ticket prices will increase to a late bird price

See you soon :)

Terms: please see policy page for terms and conditons.

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