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A Spring Awakening - Yoga Brunch

-- SOLD OUT --

Join Nava Haus Retreats to welcome in Spring with a Yoga Brunch. Joined with the lovely Jodi Hollie, our yoga teacher. And Rebecca Poole, our nutritionist Chef!


19 March 2022


19 March 2022

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All you need to know

-- This event is now SOLD OUT --

All you need to know

Finally, the cold weather is nearly behind us! And to mark the beginning of Spring, Nava Haus Retreats hosts ‘A Spring Awakening - Yoga Brunch’, in Battersea, London.

We are partnering with Jodi Hollie - An incredible Yoga and meditation teacher. Along with Rebecca Poole, a naturopathic nutritionist. In order to give you the perfect Saturday morning to relax and unwind, ready for the week ahead!

The morning will start at 10:30am with a morning refreshment - tea or coffee or soft drink.

At 11:00, we will be joined by our amazing Yoga instructor, Jodi Hollie, who will conduct an hour long yoga session where she will welcome the spring flow.

Jodi is a yoga teacher in London and Essex and has been teaching since 2017. She teaches what she loves and is very passionate about the way Yoga can make you feel. Her class will be a perfect mix of movement, relaxation, calm and fun!

Follow our Yoga teacher on instagram! - @jodihollie

If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it with you! If you don’t have your own, please leave a note when checking out and Jodi will bring extra ones :)

Finishing our yoga session at 12, we will then be joined by Rebecca Poole for brunch. Rebecca is a passionate naturopathic nutritionist. She practices nutrition, with the approach of whole organic foods and natural supplements as a treatment for diseases.

Rebecca loves helping people lead a nutritious lifestyle and will be giving tips and recipes on all the dishes she creates!

Follow our Chef, Rebecca for lots of delicious recipes and tips! @food_for_thought_for_you

See you soon!

Please refer to our booking terms on our Booking Terms page, as this is our contact with you.

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