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Our Locations

Luxury wellness trips for a healthier, better you

When you join one of our retreats in Barbados, Cape Town, Mykonos, Sardinia, Bali or any of our other exotic destinations, you are guaranteed a Nava Haus level of luxury. Our portfolio of villas across the world is extensive, and we ensure our guests enjoy a high level of luxury.


Whether you're sharing a room or booking a single occupancy room, you experience luxury and indulgence in accommodation. Our rooms typically have beautidul views and are furnsihed to high standards. Swimming pools, top end modern conveniences and high levels of finishing in the interiors are a standard feature. In many of our seaside locations, our villas tend to have breathtaking seafront, sunrise and sunset views.


If you have any questions about your accommodation, your preferences or security, click here to see how it all works, or contact us directly by email on or WhatsApp: +44 (0) 7835 854265

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