Fitness Retreats

A selection of fitness retreats in the world's most beautiful locations

1. How To Be Fit And Still Be You

Mykonos with George and Oliver

You can definitely learn a lot on a retreat with Oliver and George. Oliver is a body sculpting expert, George is a fitness physique competitor, and they are the types of trainers who help you to understand that fitness should enhance your life and not limit it.

Circuits, Core, Strength, Tabata, Resistance, HIIT and Bodybuilding, nutritional coaching For Fat Loss, quick body transformations, muscular hypertrophy

Oliver and George are friends who share the same ethos. They both believe in being social, and they believe that being social does not mean losing your fitness or not having a killer body. And this retreat is built to show you a taste of that ethos in a fun-packed, exciting few days full of laughs, activities and camaraderie. 

2. XO VIDA Fitness Retreat

24 - 28 Sep 2020
Mykonos Retreat:
Charlotte Frazier Of F45

Join Charlotte Frazier of F45 on a fitness journey that incorporates yoga, meditation and multiple guided styles and techniques in beautiful Mykonos. Strength, weight loss, mindfulness.

Yoga, Boxercise, HIIT, Sports conditioning, Kettlebells, Functional workouts and more in the group fitness sessions every morning.

Charlotte uses the concepts of weights training, functional training and balanced nutrition to help her clients achieve a mindset that helps them to overcome their personal obstacles. 

3. Strength & Conditioning Retreat

24 - 28 Sep 2020
Mykonos Retreat 
with Charlotte Shelley

Expert personal trainer and former national UK athlete and gymnast Charlotte Shelley takes you on a re-invigorating 5 day journey Luxury villa weekend filled with exciting activities and group socializing events.


Daily fitness sessions will include strength and conditioning training, HIIT, core training and more.

Charlotte is a REPS certified Level 3 Personal Trainer, specializing in both Strength and Conditioning and Pre/Post Natal Exercise. 

4. Strength & Conditioning Retreat

Mykonos Retreat 
with Dennys Lozada

The #fightersfight program incorporates all fitness modalities, including sport-specific drills, barbells, kettlebells and conditioning programming.


Dennys’ history includes a successful collegiate football career and the 2-time Golden Gloves boxing title, as well as success training MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL athletes. He is currently a Nike Master Trainer and is always working to gain additional certifications and motivate/inspire others to go out and live their dreams. #FFTStrong

5. Enhance Your Life With L.I.F.T

23 - 28 Sept 2020
Bodrum Retreat 
with Mona Al Bitar

This experience is an opportunity to expand your mind and explore fitness and wellness from a fun viewpoint. You will learn how these things are all part of a LIFESTYLE and not independent of one another.

During this retreat the training will encompass group circuit workouts with a theme of “play”, so masking “training” with actual play. You will be using body weight, gym equipment and the villa space to create a unique training experience.

Mona will also run a daily 20 minutes group coaching session focusing on breath-work, goal-setting and creating Mantras

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