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Members' Luxury Retreat

Members' Luxury Retreat
Leisure, Indulgence, Fitness, Energy

We invite you to join us for 4 nights in a luxury villa on the Greek island of Mykonos between the 12th and 16th of September 2019.


The members' luxury retreat is specially designed for high-flying professionals and executives who are discerning members of our partner establishments. Please read the itinerary by clicking above for more information.


Our end of summer retreat is filled with the right types of nutrition, health and wellness, networking and relaxation activities proven to help you find the maximal level of inspiration and creativity just before you return to the hustle and bustle of your busy schedule.


The team includes highly qualified wellness and fitness coaches who will be leading daily sessions on fitness, relaxation and beginner to intermediate level yoga. There is also a full-time host to cater to all your requirements from your arrival at the airport to your departure from Mykonos to ensure you're fully relaxed throughout your stay.


Social activities include an ice-breaker special dinner at the villa so you get to meet other members, dinner at some highly rated healthy restaurants, a visit to a historic organic vineyard and socialising at some of Mykonos’ finest bars.


The daily healthy breakfast and brunch menus are nutritionally balanced and created by nutrition experts with freshly sourced local ingredients to give you the boost you need before returning to work.


There is also lots of downtime to explore the island on your own or to think about your next business strategy.

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