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Looking for a beginners, medium or advanced yoga retreat? We have those

Looking for something else - dance, art therapy, reiki or surf retreat? We have those too, as well as others. Check out our retreats here

You want to travel and have some fun, but you like the idea of fitting some wellness, fitness, health or yoga training into your holiday? We've got you covered too. some of our retreats are social retreats with fitness or yoga sessions in the mornings, whilst some are more serious training retreats. Please email us at team@navahausretreats.com or fill our contact form with any questions you may have and we'll suggest the right retreat for you.


Our vision is to make healthy travelling available to all.

All our trainers are respected experts in their field. Visit our retreats page to see our wide range of health-related activities such as yoga, dance, art therapy, various types of fitness techniques, meditation, breathwork, Reiki, Barre and more. One thing we can guarantee, you will come back a healthier, more knowledgeable version of yourself


Guests can come solo or in groups. Guests enjoy ice-breaker evenings aimed at building friendships that last beyond our retreats.


Every retreat menu is carefully created to use fresh local ingredients in tune with our retreat destinations. We typically serve group breakfasts and brunch prepared from freshly sourced local ingredients daily.


Visit our retreats page now and pick from one of our wonderful luxury retreats. It will be a memorable experience.



Our Trainers

Alex Nino

The Downward Doug

Natalie Smyth

Charlotte Shelley

Jordan Stanford

Steve Jordan

Michelle Cohen

Adam Stansbury

Joanna Welling 

Elena Georgiou

Sara Picken-Brown

Liz Terry

Emilie Mukalla

Charlotte Frazier

Teo Chapelier

Our Vision

Our vision is to make healthy travelling available to all. We negotiate amazing discounts on our luxury villas and training sessions and pass the savings on to you.


Our Offer

We feel that any one of our four guiding L.I.F.E wellness principles is incomplete without the others. We offer you a chance to experience the unique fun and love of the Nava Haus Retreats community in the most beautiful destinations across the world.

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